Shalmor Communication | שלמור תקשורת

2 B.S.R Tower, 14th Floor, 1 Ben Gurion Rd. Bnei Brak


The company serves dozens of clients and employs over 30 professionals who are well integrated in the various fields of public relations. The company is young and flexible and holds a remarkable ability to adapt to the rapid changes occurring in the telecommunications market. The company employees hold extensive influence on the different factors acting on the various media fields.


Shalmor Communication Inc. continues to lead the public relations industry for over three decades. The company is headed by Irina Shalmor, alongside highly qualified and skilled professionals and managers: Daniela Laor, Ifat Sochlizky, Orit Arad and Shai Grinberg. 


Our Services:

Spokesmanship and public relations

Strategic planning

Initiating events and product placements

Introducing brands to the Israeli market

Initiating innovative marketing moves

Communications strategy

Crisis management

Digital marketing and social media



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